Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel Has Married. What Will Her Sister Do? - The History (2024)

Abby and Brittany Hensel is a rare documented case in modern media of conjoined twins. They caught everyone’s attention when their story was covered by massive media platforms such as Time and TLC in 2006, immediately catching people’s hearts with their personalities and impressive sense of individuality.

Despite the attention that their particular health condition attracts, Abby and Brittany keep most details of their personal life under wraps. That’s why it’s unsurprising that the general public only found out about Abby’s marriage in 2024, even though she had been married for several years by then.

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Abby’s nuptials have brought many questions regarding her relationship, how the marriage dynamics work with both twins and Brittany’s opinion about the situation. Are you also curious about this? Keep watching to find out more!

Long-time followers of the twins Abby and Brittany Hensel were caught by absolute surprise when the news platform Today revealed that Abby had been married since November 2021. According to the exclusive report posted in late March 2024, Abby tied the knot with a man named Josh Bowling in a private ceremony held in Delano, Minnesota, where the couple currently lives.

Not much later, TMZ also revealed further details about Abby and Josh’s wedding, such as the wedding certificate which doesn’t mention Brittany anywhere. It instead lists the twins’ sibling Morgan as one of the witnesses, alongside someone named ‘Cosmo Naut’, though it’s unclear whether this is a nickname. The news site also posted a video of Abby and Josh’s newlywed dance, showing us glimpses of Abby’s beautiful wedding dress.

Despite the uproar about Abby’s marital status, her nuptials weren’t much of a secret to start with. Months before Today posted the news, the twins had already posted several pics and videos of the wedding on their social media. One day after Today’s article was posted, Abby and Brittany shared a TikTok video featuring ancient sculptures of conjoined twins, adding the caption ‘The internet is extra LOUD today. We have always been around,’ to rest importance to the uproar caused by the news.

While it’s undeniable that Abby’s wedding caused many positive reactions, a huge number of their followers and other people who stumbled upon the news had curious and sometimes even negative reactions to it. One of the biggest questions regarding Abby’s wedding was whether or not Brittany was also married to Josh Bowling, though it’s made clear by the certificate posted by TMZ that it’s only Abby of the twins who tied the knot. Their wedding dance video also made it clear that Josh’s attention was only on Abby.

However, the legalities of the marriage weren’t what people were more curious about. As seen in the twins’ TikTok account, there are many questions regarding the dynamics of Abby and Josh’s relationship, including inquiries about their intimacy. As a response to that, Abby and Brittany shared several videos, one of which was addressed to their ‘haters’ whom they sarcastically labeled as ‘fans’ for keeping up to date with their lives.

Though not much is known about Brittany’s opinion about the marriage, she could be seen brightly smiling in the pics taken at the wedding and other everyday activities she shares with her sister and brother-in-law.

All in all, it’s understandable that the situation brings up many questions, but the inner workings of Abby and Brittany’s sisterly connection are something that only they could understand.

Following the reveal of Abby Hensel’s wedding, her husband Josh Bowling has also become the center of attention for more than one reason. Though not much is known about how the couple met and got together, other details about Josh have surfaced, thanks to curious fans and news platforms.

Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel Has Married. What Will Her Sister Do? - The History (1)

According to Us Weekly, Josh is a nurse who served in the US Army as a healthcare specialist until 2014. His wedding certificate also indicates that he was born in late March 1990, making him just a couple of weeks younger than Abby.

Even though Josh maintains a very low profile life, his marriage to Abby led the media to uncover not-so-positive personal details about him. According to online reports from April 2024, Josh is currently involved in a paternity lawsuit filed by his former wife, with whom he shares a young daughter born in the 2010s.

The court papers show that Josh and the woman divorced in 2020, but she later went on to welcome another daughter whose paternity is possibly the one that the court is trying to determine. The suit also states that a DNA test was taken, but its results were unavailable to the curious media outlets.

Besides Josh, another man is listed in the paternity suit, so only time will tell what will happen in this case.

Ever since Brittany and Abby rose to fame through their 1996 feature in “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, they’ve had their fair share of on-screen experiences in their mini-series “Abby & Brittany”, and their film “Joined For Life”.

Nonetheless, Brittany and Abby Hensel haven’t taken advantage of the never-ending curiosity about their case to become entertainment personalities. Instead, they’ve been working as elementary teachers for several years, and keep a toned-down social media life, except for some rare videos they share on TikTok.

The almost secretive attitude of the twins regarding their private lives hints that they weren’t looking for any of the massive amounts of attention that Abby’s marriage brought upon them, as USA Today stated in an April 2024 article. They also affirmed that the interest in Abby’s marriage went ‘too far’, as the situation became ‘problematic’ because of the increasing and persistent speculations regarding private aspects of Abby’s relationship with her husband, and the dynamic that her sister plays in it.

All in all, the attention which Abby and Brittany have recently attracted hasn’t been entirely positive, and it’s unclear how much that has affected them beyond what their TikTok posts let us see, leaving many unanswered questions. Nevertheless, it’s also worth noting that many of their followers have sent messages of support their way, showing just how well-appreciated and loved the twins are.

Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel Has Married. What Will Her Sister Do? - The History (2024)


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